Demo Reel


The Futur Portfolio Critique

Watch Chris Do (founder & CEO of Blind) critique my reel below (1:03:00 – 1:05:30, 2.5 minutes)

Also featuring, Matthew Encina (Creative Director at Blind) and Ben Burns (Design Director at Blind)


(1:02:50) Chris establishing the rules

Chris: Alright you guys, let’s get back into it. Alright?

Matthew & Ben: Right.

Chris: Here we go. I’m thinking for the last segment here, we’re going to go super fast. Only one of us is allowed to talk. Ok? We’re going to do, like- 30 seconds. So you guys got to cap it. At max! So we’ll look around the room and one person will say [what they think about this portfolio].

(1:03:10) Running into a Little Bit of Troubleshooting (Stuck Browser)

Chris: So I’m going to play this demo reel and I’m going to turn the volume down. I’m assuming it’s going to be Matthew or myself on this one. This is Aimee. Oh no, Aimee!

Matthew: Try and refresh the browser. It might have gotten stuck.

[Refreshes site because of stuck browser.]

Chris: Aimee BRUS… or BROOS

Matthew: I wanna say BRUS just cause it reminds me of brusselsprouts. <—That is correct

(1:03:42) Playing the Reel

Chris: Ok, here we go. Alright let’s look. Ok!

Matthew: There we go, cool. Aww nice!

Chris: I know the experience is to listen to this with music…

Matthew: Oh, this is nice!

Chris: It is nice.


Chris: You’re pleasantly surprised, Matthew! I can tell. [Laugh]

Matthew: No. It’s the weight thing. You can tell that there’s weight- there’s those nice pauses and ramp ups and downs. You can see the secondary animation. Everything’s kind of stacked as it unfolds.

Chris: Mmhmm. And, playing with the curves… right? Nice camera moves!

Matthew: Yup!

Chris: I’m feeling it! Very refined here.

Matthew: Mmhmm

Chris: A lot of times, people do those camera bounces and they can’t get it right.

Matthew: Right.

Chris: I like it. So we don’t need to see more. Aimee, you’re pretty rad!

Matthew: Oh look, it’s nice and short too! Perfect!

Chris: Yeah!

Matthew: She’s doing something right.

Chris: And you do a little 3D, I see it. If anything the work is a little corporate and it’s probably because either the projects that you’re getting today, but you have a lot of talent. I believe that if you’re not already… Let’s see where she’s at.

(1:04:42) Navigates to “About” page

Chris: There’s Aimee. Motion graphics, freelance. She’s in Mankato, Minnesota. Oh no, she’s in Virginia Beach, VA. That’s your neck of the woods Ben!

Ben: Oh nice! Yeah, Virginia. I’m from Richmond!

(1:04:57) Chris’ Thoughts

Chris: Alright. Dare I say this, Aimee. I’m going to say this and Matthew, agree or disagree with me. I think you need to move to a bigger market.

Matthew: Yeah!

Chris: I think you’re talented enough and if you move to a bigger market: A) you make more money, B) you work on sexier projects. If that’s what you want, I think you should start sending your reel out to shops on the east coast or on the west coast. And that’s what I’m going to say.

(1:05:17) Ben Calling Out Chris

Ben: Are you breaking the rules here?

Chris: What’s the rules?

Ben: I thought only one person was supposed to speak per portfolio?

[laughs all around]

Chris: No no no! Now hold on! Matthew started speaking during the whole thing!!! So….

Matthew: Next! Next! Let’s go!

(1:05:28) Chris’ Final Say

Chris: Go get yourself a better job, you’re worth it!


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